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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the best of the web and the best of apps. Onamis is a web development company focused on web apps. We help you progressively add features to your website so it becomes more and more powerful. It loads quickly, even on flaky networks, sends relevant push notifications, has an icon on the home screen, and loads as a top-level, full screen experience.

Onamis can also develop Progressive Web Apps from scratch; we offer both software development and the required cloud infrastructure for your needs. Our usual development time is 1 month but you can see results in as soon as 2 days.


  • Reliable

    PWAs are reliable and load instantly, even in uncertain network conditions or offline.

  • Fast

    PWAs respond quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling.

  • Engaging

    PWAs feel like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience and background push notifications.

Why build a Progressive Web App?

Building a high-quality Progressive Web App has incredible benefits, making it easy to delight your users, grow engagement and increase conversions.

  • +400% Engagement increase by using push notifications
  • 60% Average data savings by using service workers
  • x25 Cheaper than developing Android / iOS native apps
  • 53% Users leave if the page takes more than 3 sec. to load
  • 5/6 Major browsers fully compliant, any browser supported

Progressive Web Apps are useful to users from the very first visit in a browser tab, no install required. Rich offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notifications, home screen icons —functionality that would normally require a native application— are already available in the web.

Get Started

This website is a PWA, it loads fast, works offline, can be added to your homescreen and supports web notifications. Below you can see which features are supported by your browser and create a test notification.

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